Coinciding with the economic crisis of 2008, large alliances and Arab investments were made in Spain in different sectors as a strategy for diversifying the economy. Since that year, business and investment operations between the Arab world and Spain began a more active movement in constant growth until today.

The COVID-19 situation again represents multiple business and investment options in different business sectors.

MANSOOR AL THANI & BABEL ARAGÓN, is an important channel for the Arab world when starting or strengthening its business or investment relations with Spain, making us an important channel of relations, business and security for Arab entrepreneurs and investors.


Spain's remarkable growth and social and economic development in recent years, together with the security and legislation to protect foreign investment and a market with competitive prices, makes it one of the most favourable scenarios for investment and international alliances.

Our geographical location, quality of life, legislation and infrastructures, accentuate the interest in the country.


Our company provides incalculable added value for Arab entrepreneurs and investors interested in business opportunities in different economic sectors and high value in relation to Spain.

We are well acquainted with the Spanish business market and maintain direct relationships with entrepreneurs in multiple sectors.

Our comprehensive knowledge of Spanish legislation, business mentality, behaviours, entrepreneur profiles and business types is a great advantage for Arab entrepreneurs and investors interested in establishing business in Spain.