The AL THANI family, the royal family of the State of Qatar, has been in charge of Qatar since 1850, to this day, the eighth generation continues to rule the country.

The AL THANIs have represented from their origins a positive evolution and economic growth for the State of Qatar. Its continuous interest in self-improvement, growth and evolution, together with its excellent ability to adapt to global change that influences its economy and society, have led the State of Qatar to strategically develop and develop business investments and multi-million dollar acquisitions worldwide. establish relationships and strategic alliances for its constant growth.

The State of Qatar has the world's largest natural gas reserve, which, together with its excellent strategic and business management, has made them the country with the highest per capita income in the world and has led them to achieve the development index tallest human in the entire Arab world.

The AL THANI dynasty extends its enormous power beyond the Arab world, as one of the most powerful families in the world, extending its influence globally. The nation maintains very close relations with various Western and Asian powers and they have acted as a bridge between Muslim states and the rest of the world.


Its economy is recognized by the World Bank as one of the highest in terms of income, in addition to ranking 19th as the most peaceful country globally. Currently, the country's strategy, like many others in the Arab world, is immersed in a planned economic transformation to achieve a more advanced, sustainable and diversified economy that undoubtedly favors the Western market when establishing business relationships. The economic policy focuses on the development of activities not associated with the exploitation of hydrocarbon reserves, in addition to promoting and increasing private and foreign investment in non-energy sectors

Its sectors of interest are wide and varied, maintaining a solid relationship with Spain for 49 years, although currently the State of Qatar has an influential power over key sectors for the Spanish economy with companies such as EL CORTE INGLÉS, AENA, SACYR, ACS Dragados and OHL, FCC, IBERDROLA and NATURGY, among others, their interest is broadened in sectors such as; the agri-food sector, health, beauty, cosmetics, education, art, sports, tourism and fashion among others, which represents an important business opportunity for commercial exchange between the Arab world and Spain.


The State of Qatar represents a market with multiple advantages due to the lack of payment of taxes among multiple advantages for entrepreneurs. The country has a high standard of living, and the State supports the business fabric to establish businesses and evolve entrepreneurially.

But there are many prejudices and doubts that assail the Western mentality, what is your way of investing? What are your preferences and conditions? How to function in operations? ...

The Arab businessman is a strong negotiator, with whom it can take years to earn his trust, making our support and services a key ingredient to speed up, establish, consolidate and positively evolve in negotiations.