Our experience and trajectory provides adequate relationships to our clients, in a direct and personalized way, generating business opportunities for them and presenting opportunities to our network of Arab entrepreneurs and investors interested in establishing strategic or investment alliances.


Our services are aimed at companies interested in establishing alliances in the foreign market that facilitate their business growth.

  • We promote your business proposal in the international market.
  • Proportion of strategic allies.
  • Alliances for investment in the foreign market.
  • Personalized advice.
  • Organisation of direct meetings within our network.
  • Support in the evolution of established relationships.
  • Support for establishing in the destination market.
  • Generation of institutional or private relationships at the highest level.
  • Customized services according to the situation of our client.
  • Support for further evolution and growth for companies already established in the foreign market.
  • Promotion of your Business.

    We present your business proposal in a direct and personalized way to the most appropriate profile.

    Strategic allies.

    Establishing synergies and strategic alliances favor operations in the foreign market, facilitating processes.

    Investment abroad.

    Interest in investment in the foreign market shows a constant growth globally.

    Custom Services.

    We design tailor-made solutions for clients who require it.


    We provide strategic advice to investors, identification of business opportunities and support throughout the negotiation process. Our support includes the generation and presentation of new business opportunities, support for relationships with private companies, public administrations and contacts with the Government in relation to policies that affect the business and business environment.

    The objectives and interests towards an investment can be very diverse from the strategic aspect to the financial aspect. We present business proposals from our clients within our network of investors (strategic, private and / or institutional) interested in new business opportunities in multiple sectors and industries.

    Managing the most interesting profile in the right way is the key to success.

    Investment operations depend on the business context and the world economic situation, different reasons can drive an investor to carry out capital operations.

    Venture Capital.

    Venture capital (Private Equity / Venture Capital) funds that channel large amounts of money to new businesses, being of special interest companies with high potential and that are in dynamic sectors of the economy.

    Business Angels

    With a broad business vision investing its own capital in short-term companies. Where, in addition to the investment, the involvement in the day-to-day of the company greatly favors the evolution of the business.

    Family Office

    Specialized in family projects with assets to increase in the long term, to increase liquid capital, assets or real estate assets.

    Family & Friends.

    We also manage projects of interest to entrepreneurs interested in small investments that do not require as much analysis time for investment execution.


    It is essential to have the right relationships, know the culture of the country, have established and consolidated relationships in the market of interest before starting an internationalization process, we have all this and also invaluable.

    The management of relationships for our clients is always treated in a personalized and private way, supporting the establishment of the relationship and its growth. We make it easier what represents a challenge for many entrepreneurs.


    We provide strategic legal advice for mediation throughout the negotiation process of our clients. The moments in which legal professionals intervene in international negotiations, we know that they are a turning point in which the operation and the entire trajectory traveled can put the operation at risk or deteriorate it.

    We are an exceptional support to both companies and legal departments of companies when it comes to positive developments in negotiations.

    Our track record, established relationships in the Arab and Spanish business fabric, business experience and cultural understanding of both markets provide our clients with a key legal mediation service to successfully deal with business disputes.